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Delphinus Puerto Morelos

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Date: 03/07/16
Caption: Delphinus Puerto Morelos
Description: Delphinus Puerto Morelos is a habitat where you can interact with beautiful dolphins and learn about environmental education, conservation and welfare of marine mammals. Our new habitat is surrounded by a majestic natural view covering an area of ??6 thousand square meters. The design and planning of this dolphinarium allow dolphins have enough space for optimum development. Within our facilities we have 16 concrete pads; and also a space for scientific and veterinary research by the team of veterinarians and biologists who are constantly monitoring and caring for each copy. Come to Delphinus Puerto Morelos and see our new habitat where you can interact with beautiful dolphins and enjoy an unforgettable moment with your family and friends! Where: Delphinus Puerto Morelos is located in the Marina of El Cid Puerto Morelos Facilities: Parking. Boutique. Bathrooms. Showers. Lockers. 2 palapas for video briefing. Additional palapas with photo and DVD services based on digital technology. (Using the latest technology available, you will be able to select among different photographic shots taken during your activities with our dolphins). Features: Comfortable facilities. 6 thousand square meters area. Natural demarcated area with continuous seawater irrigation. The spot includes sixteen platforms