Things to do

Ha! Where to start? Maybe you're like me; I'm just here to go to what are arguably some of the most fantastic beaches in the world, swim, sun, imbibe exotic drinks, relax, and basically, chill out! But if you're one of those folks who can't sit still, well, there's plenty to do here in Puerto. So, here's a quick list in no particular order.

The Crococun Zoo bills themselves as "A Totally Awesome Conservationist Interactive Adventure Zoo." They're located just a couple kilometers north of Puerto on highway 307. Check them out.

If you like the idea of swimming with sea turtles, we have Akumal Beach an hour bus ride to the south. We've tried it and liked it.

If the archaeologist in you has need to get off the couch, Tulum is a great site to see. It is small--you can see it all in an hour or so--but some of the views are amazing. Situated on a cliff above the beach, it was the Mayans summer home about six centuries back. Just a little south of Akumal, it's worth the trip, if for no other reason, to see lots of big, proud iguanas posing in the sun.

Then there are those activities for which it seems that the reef was created. Like snorkeling. And diving. Yeah, I didn't give a link to a scuba diving site; it's just too big of a subject. There is this (not sure how complete this diving list is, but this site has a great list of restaurants). So, knock yourself out and do the Google thing to see about scuba diving in Puerto Morelos. Yeah, options galore. You can dive the reef and shipwrecks, take beginner classes, rent equipment, go on tours; pretty much anything you can imagine.

And how about night-life? Regarding night-life, we used to be referred to affectionately as Muerto Morelos (dead). But that was then. Every year we find more and more fine bands and performers playing at various venues. Our personal favorite and gringo hangout is the Cantina Habanero, but on any given night during high season you will find yourself with at least a handful of options for live entertainment. Plus--we have music festivals in town center square.

Last, but not least, we have something quite unique to the Yucatan: Cenotes. These open connections to a vast system of underground rivers are truly a unique phenomenon, and there are many of them within just a few miles of Puerto Morelos. Heading west on the Ruta de Los Cenotes, which begins just south of Puerto, takes you there. So, grab a tour or rent a car and check them out. A favorite activity at cenotes is zip lining, ending in a nice, cool cenote dip. Ahhhh!

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